Top 10 WordPress Features Of Editing Post To Create Good Content


Want to create a blog on WordPress. We all know that WordPress is a very very big content management system. More than 40% website or blog are designed by WordPress. Because of WordPress hundreds of advanced features. Such as lot’s of free themes, open to everyone, thousands of useful plugins and more.  In this post, I just try to discuss WordPress features about to create a new article or edit an already saved article. So let’s start

Top 10 WordPress Features Of Editing Post

The WordPress dashboard and other Admin Screens come with many built-in features, not all of them immediately obvious to a beginner. WordPress makes it so easy to start a blog or website quickly, that beginners overlook many useful features in the rush to create and publish content.  In this post, let’s dig around a bit and become familiar with the not-so-obvious WordPress features that make content creation easier. Read how to select the best WordPress themes for your website.

WordPress features to help you work better

1. Visual editor options

The post editor toolbar also includes many other helpful options. For more information on what each button does, just hover over the symbol:

WordPress features to help you work better

                                  Visual Editor Toolbar Options

There are options to Insert a Read More tag, Clear formatting and more.

2.Revert to an earlier version of your post

For many authors, the article really begins to take shape only when the editing starts, and sometimes a previous version may be preferred. Thankfully, WordPress creates a revised version every time you save a post, which means you can always go back in time. Read 31 important tips for building your business website.

The Revisions option in the post editor enables you to browse the entire revision history and revert to the one you want. This is especially useful when multiple authors work on the same post.

3.Breaking a post into multiple pages

You can break up a long post into multiple pages by adding this small piece of code to the Text tab of the WordPress editor (it won’t work if you paste it in the Visual tab)

<!–next page–>

Add it at the exact point where you want to split the post. Besides breaking a post into smaller, more easily digestible content, it also helps to display more ads. If you don’t know how to install WordPress themes and customize it then read this guide.

4.Markdown and keyboard shortcuts for quick formatting

If you write often, you’ll know that paying attention to formatting while writing posts can be a real pain. That’s where keyboard shortcuts can help.

Clicking on the Question Mark symbol displays a set of available shortcuts. Simply type the shortcuts in the visual editor to turn them into formatting, without having to switch to the text editor.

For example, to start a bulleted list, you just begin a line with “* “:

Top 10 WordPress Features Of Editing Post-TopUpdates

Keyboard Shortcuts

5. Edit images, change default image size, set Featured Image

All these WordPress features make it easier to work with images.

Edit Images: Do you know that WordPress can handle some basic image editing as well? You can scale, crop, rotate or flip images while inserting them into a post. To do it, just click Edit Image under the ATTACHMENT DETAILS section:

Edit Images While Inserting Into Post. You can also edit images inline by calling up the mini toolbar in the visual editor.

Default Image Sizes: By default, WordPress creates four different sizes when you upload an image – thumbnail, medium, large, or full size. You can change this functions by visiting Settings > Media and configuring the maximum dimensions for each size option.

Set Featured Image: To add a featured image to your post, click a Set featured image in the Post Editor and select an image from the Media Library. Next, click the blue button to Set featured image and save your post.

6. Control your dashboard with Screen Options

Let’s start with Screen Options, an option that’s present at the top right corner of every WordPress dashboard area. Clicking on this tab opens a menu where you can choose exactly which items display in each area of the dashboard.

For example, here are the options available in the WordPress editor area:

WordPress features,Control your dashboard - TopUpdates

Post Editor Screen Options

Hidden under this tab, you’ll find options to create excerpts, change the post author, and more. Read About 5 Best WordPress Plugins Details Which Increase Website Rank.

If you’ve installed plugins like WooCommerce or Yoast SEO, they can also show up in the Screen Options. Moreover, some settings such as distraction free writing only work when enabled in Screen Options.

Because it applies to every WordPress dashboard screen, this is one of the most helpful WordPress features you’ll find.

7. Quickly edit post title, categories, and tags

There’s a way to make quick edits to a post without actually opening it. While it does not allow you to edit the actual content within the post, you can change many other things.

You’ll see the Quick Edit option on the All Posts screen when you hover over an individual post.

Clicking on the option allows you to change the category, title, date, comments status, and more.

8. Embed videos, tweets and more

It’s really easy to embed multimedia content from different sources in WordPress. All you’ve got to do is find the content that you want to embed, copy the link, and paste it into your post. WordPress will then automatically embed the content for you:

WordPress supports a number of online resources from where you can source content such as YouTube and Twitter. And if you need more functionality, there are other ways to integrate your site with Twitter and Facebook.

9. Create a media playlist

While we’ve previously discussed how to create a gallery using images in your Media Library, WordPress makes it just as easy to create audio/video playlists using media files. These playlists can then be embedded in your posts.

  • First, upload your media files to the Media Library.
  • Next, open a new post and click Add Media.
  • Select the audio files from the Media Library and click Create a new playlist.
  • You can also edit the playlist settings to show artist name, images, and the tracklist.

Wordpress Features -Add Media-TopUpdates

Finally, click on Insert audio playlist, and you’ll see the audio playlist in your post. In the same manner, you can create video playlists as well. Top 6 tricks to increase your blog traffic fast.

10. Easily create links in the editor

WordPress makes it easy to create links to any internal or external page. All you need to do is select the text you want to link and click the Insert/edit link button in the toolbar. I already Describe it in a picture. Read more details about how to start a blog and earn money from it.

Are there any other WordPress features that you’d like me to explain? Submit your question in the comments below.


In this post, I just try to discuss wordpress features to write a new post. Except for this features, there are more WordPress features also available. If you think that this article is helpful for you or your friends then please share this article. And one more thing is don’t forget to give comment.


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