Best Top 5 technology solutions for students

In the modern era, digital technology has merged itself in studies. Every student has to equip himself with the right technology devices to complete his tasks without any hindrances. As all the education is shifted to computers and mobile phones. The books have been replaced with soft copy notes, which are delivered to students by their teachers. And students are compelled to read out those notes either on laptops or mobile phones. So here are the best 5 technology solutions for students.

Unfortunately, every student from the UK does not afford this expensive technology equipment to fulfill their educational needs. Every student wants the right device at a very affordable price so that he may complete his studies conveniently.

Best Top 5 Technology Solutions

It has been estimated that the use of digital media will increase in the future, as students will be heading up to universities. It will undoubtedly lead to very difficult circumstances, so here are the best possible technology solutions for students who cannot buy those expensive gadgets.

Best Top 5 Technology Solutions
Best Top 5 Technology Solutions

Here are some guidelines from buying laptops to cell phones, headphones, and note-taking tools for students; you can experience better with these without breaking your banks.

#1 Best laptops

As mentioned earlier, the learning and teaching process will shift online over the coming months, so both the teachers and students would have the right devices to carry out these processes. The devices that meet their everyday needs by providing enough processing speed and necessary functions to complete studies. To find the best technology solutions for students read the full article carefully. Here is a more detailed guide on 7 types of laptops.

So it would help if you spent a little bit more than normal to get high speed and a compatible device. The teachers work more on laptops to prepare online lectures, video tutorials, or helping materials, so they should go for worthy high-quality laptops in order to experience unmatchable high speed with extra features. 

While buying a laptop, always go for the latest generation, like now look for the 10th generation having Intel i5 or i7 processors, do not compromise on your device’s speed. When it comes to RAM, go for 8 GB of RAM and at least 128 GB of SSD storage drive. Now traditional magnetic hard drives do not meet time needs because these are slow in performance and speed. If you are going to attend your classes via a video conference, then check the laptop’s camera, then decide to buy it.

You are free to choose screen size according to your budget, as larger screen laptops cost expensive as compared to small ones. However, a 13 to 14 Inches display screen is recommended as a happy medium. When it comes to graphics of laptops, always select 1080p resolution. While buying a laptop, always prefer the latest Windows operating system as now Windows 10 is latest in the market.

#2 Tablets

If you are a student and looking for a budget-friendly tablet, then here are the best technology solutions for tablets. Microsoft is offering you a special discount on Surface Go 2, and it operates Windows 10 with a 10.5 Inches HD display screen. It costs around £479 with a keyboard to a student after a discount. If you have a bigger budget than this, you should look for Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, which costs you around £899 after a discount.

It offers you better keyboard experience, a trackpad, high-quality speakers, HD camera for video conferencing. You can also opt for the latest Apple MacBook Air, it will cost you around £999 typically, but stores are providing special discounts ranging from 5 to 10 % for students. Going for this MacBook, you will experience the high performance with HD camera along with a free pair of Air Pods. 

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#3 Best Smart-phones

Smartphones also smart technology solutions for students to go online. Technology has developed itself to a greater extent, and now high features are available at low prices as compared to the past. You do not need to spend £1000 to buy a really great smart-phone now. Google Pixel 4a is the best phone of the year, and it costs you around £349, has a high-quality camera, Google Recorder app, and a high-speed processor, and excellent software.

If you are willing for a 5G network smartphone, you can buy OnePlus Nord, available at £379 in the market. This phone owns an excellent camera with great battery life and offers a good screen resolution at a very affordable price. OnePlus 8 Pro is the best Android phone of the year.

It is available in £799 only. You must opt for this phone if you have a bigger budget, you will enjoy a more fantastic experience with this smartphone.

On the other hand, Apple is offering iPhone SE 2020 in just £419, though it does not have a 5G network; it has an excellent camera, better performance, and excellent software for your great experience. If you have a higher budget, go for iPhone 11, which is available for £729 in the market, it offers you a Face ID, HD resolution screen, HD camera, and longer battery life as compared to iPhone SE. 

#4 Best Headphones in the market

The number four best technology solutions for students is the best Headphone. In the online mode of education, headphones play a significant role while you are present in dynamic libraries, coffee shops, or cafes. These help you to maintain your concentration in your studies, ignoring the noises around you. So it would help if you bought some excellent quality headphones for this purpose, here are some recommendations for you.

If you want to buy headphones for on-the-go listening, go for Samsung Galaxy Buds plus, which is truly wireless earbuds, really small in size, extra-comfortable to ears, and auto block noise outside.

These are compatible with all Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows phones, have longer battery life. It costs only £105 on the market. You can also buy Apple AirPods, and the cost is £125, but available free to students when they buy a Mac or iPad. But these AirPods do not block the outside noise, thus suitable for calls but not for study concentrations.  

#5 Note-taking tools

Note-taking tools involve the apps you can access anytime from anywhere on any device, free or for cost. So it is the best technology solutions for students and bloggers, businessmen and online workers, and more. Microsoft OneNote and Evernote are the best apps for this purpose. Both the apps synchronize your data to the cloud, easily handle your texts, images, and attachments also.

These are best-fit apps for your lectures, available on the web, Android, Windows phones, Mac, and iOS. The Evernote basic is free for two devices while it provides 60MB per month to upload on the cloud. While Evernote premium costs £4.99 per month and offers 10GB of data to upload on cloud per month.

While there is a discount offer for students if they buy Evernote premium on a yearly basis, the company will offer them half prices. 

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The Final Words

Here in the given article I am trying to include some of the best technology solutions for students, this technology solutions is not only for students any online worker should use these solutions to work batter and perfect. Their are other solutions also available. If you think any other point should add then please write in the comment box below.

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