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First when you plan to buy property management software to manage your property then you should know some details about this software. Before going to buy the lake a look at a review of the property management software. Most of the software is a paid version. Some of the software free. But most free property management software does not have enough features and not work properly. Before going to start the software list I want to tell some details about what is, how it work, online feature, app and more

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What is Property Management Software

Property management software helps landlords through the entire process of marketing, renting, and maintaining their rental property.  In short, property management software is a program designed to help property managers manage residential and commercial properties on behalf of their owners.

What Is The Best Property Management Software Functions

The best software has some functions and some special features and easy to use. Such As

  • Easiest to Use.
  • Best Mobile Functionality.
  • Best for all Numbers of Units.
  • Most Customizable
  • Collecting rent online
  • Managing maintenance requests
  • Bookkeeping capabilities
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Functions Document management
  • Customer service Available 24×7 hours

How We Evaluated Property Management Software

We evaluated the best property management software providers by looking at their pricing, features, number of units they can manage and their customer reviews.

Most landlords and property managers look for providers that offer easy-to-use software that have multiple features like tenant screening, rent collection, document signing, and maintenance requests, so all of our top providers offer multiple features.

The criteria we used to evaluate the best property management software providers include:

  • Pricing: Structure and a la carte options
  • Features: What is offered at each tier
  • Property types: What they specialize in, such as single-family homes or apartment complexes
  • Who they’re right for: Landlords and/or property management companies
  • Number of units: How many units they can manage
  • Customer Reviews: Ratings and what they do well and don’t do well

Best 15 Property Management Software

In this post, I discuss the best software details according to the review and features. So, read this post carefully and if you want to know more details or anything about this post. Feel free to comment in the comment sections. Let’s start

1. Avail Property Management Software

Based on all of the above criteria, we recommend Avail as our top property management software. It has a full set of features and accessibility to various sizes of landlords or property management firms — particularly the smaller ones. The entry-level package starts at $0 per month for a single property yet it’s full-featured property management software that can scale as large as your business demands.

Avail Property Management
Avail Property Management

Avail Pricing

This Software offers a free 30-day trial and four tiers of pricing starting at $0 per month for its Basic plan, which includes one unit. Its most expensive plan is known as the Professional plan and is $49.99 per month for 15 units. Avail is one of the most affordable companies on our list and is $15 per month less than Property Management Cloud.

Avail Pricing & Features by Tier

Basic$0 for one unit; $6/month for each additional unitBasic customization
Landlord$10/month for one unit
$6/month for each additional unit
30-day free trial
Full customization
Faster payment processing
Landlord Plus$25/month includes five units
$4 for each additional unit
30-day free trial
Full customization
Faster payment processing
Marketing website
Priority support
Unlimited messages & photos
Professional$50/month includes 15 units
$2 for each additional unit
30-day free trial
Includes everything in the Landlord Plus plan along with multi deposit functions

Avail Features

Avail offers robust tenant application and screening tools and a landlord education resource center. It offers custom lease clauses that can be added to your basic lease templates, which is helpful if want to add things like a pet addendum. It also offers digital document signing and online rent collection so you and your tenant can stay organized and paperless and sign documents on the go.

Key features of Avail include:

  • Marketing tools
  • Tenant screening
  • Accounting tools
  • Leasing tools

Marketing Tools

Avail uses a simple form to write listings and add photos. Certain information is pulled automatically based on the property address, such as Google Maps location. It syndicates listings automatically across Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, and among others. Lead tracking is a standout feature with Avail. Inquiries from prospects go directly to its internal email tool that functions much like a customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

Tenant Screening

Avail provides comprehensive tenant screening tools and uses credit checks provided by TransUnion. Criminal and eviction tenant background checks are also provided. Online applications ask for rental history, employment history, and additional standard questions. Applications are typically completed in less than five minutes, and applicants can be requested to upload verifying documents like W2s, pay stubs, and bank statements.

Accounting Tools

Avail has basic accounting tools including rent, security deposit, and fees like move-in, move-out, and late fees. Payment information can be exported to a spreadsheet. Repair requests have expenses tracked, but no actual accounts payable is provided. Military-grade encryption is used for all confidential information.

Leasing Tools

Lawyer-reviewed lease templates are provided with important protective clauses for things like lead-based paint and mold. Avail follows the requirements set by the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000 (ESIGN), ensuring signatures are valid, traceable, and binding.

Executed leases are stored online for easy retrieval and tenants can pay rent securely on the online portal or set up recurring payments. Late payment reminders are automatic and late fees can be assessed automatically. Tenants can create maintenance tickets and Include photos with the description of the maintenance issue.

What’s Missing With Avail

Avail offers great pricing, a variety of features and can suit landlords and property managers that manage different types and sizes of properties. However, its accounting tools are on the basic side because it doesn’t file tax returns or offer full backend accounting services.

Avail Property Management Software Reviews

Avail, formerly Rentalutions, received 3 out of 5 stars based on one review on Active Rain and 5 stars based on four reviews on Capterra. Landlords say they like how tenants get payment reminders and can pay online.

Where to Find Avail

Landlords who want to use Avail can start by visiting its website to learn more about its pricing packages and additional options. You can click on the contact us button and send a message, or you can sign up directly on its website under the sign-up section for landlords. If you’re ready to give it a try, your first unit is free.

2. property management software Buildium

Buildium is one of the most prominent names in property management software and is generally used for managing 50 or more units. Buildium emphasizes residential properties to include student housing and affordable housing communities. This software is much higher-end than either Avail or Property Manager Cloud and syndicates property listings across at least nine partner sites.

property management software  Buildium
property management software Buildium

Buildium Pricing

Pricing for Buildium starts at $47/month, but a la carte fees make it a bit more appropriate for those managing 50 units or more. If you manage more than 100 units, then you can customize your plan, and the pricing reflects that customization. Buildium is geared toward managing multiple units, so its pricing is higher than Avail.

Buildium Features

Features of Buildium include owner and resident portals that provide a snapshot of key information and built-in property inspection tools. Its online security is more robust than most of its competitors, and it offers renter’s insurance on its platform. Buildium has earned Stevie Awards in customer service and prides itself on its first-call resolution.

Buildium Pricing & Features

Core$47 per month for 1-20 units
price increases above 20 units
online payment is 50 cents per item
electronic leasing/signing is $5
tenant screening is $15
Setup fee $99
Provides lease management property accounting financial reporting maintenance management other features are extra with this plan properly message board & customer support
Pro$156 per month for 1-20 units
price escalates above 50 units
All features included from Core plan and additional features like lease signing are included

Marketing Tools

Listings are created so that they can be placed on managers’ websites. Buildium posts listings to Craigslist and syndicates rental listings across the entire Zillow network. Buildium doesn’t have a standalone feature for tracking incoming leads. Inquiries are sent to email, but it is capable of assigning those inquiries to leasing agents. If a prospect files an application, additional information is captured.

Tenant Screening

A customizable rental application is available to applicants online. Screenings are $15 for the Core plan and $18 for the Pro plan. Application fees can be collected online at the time of application. Credit, criminal, and eviction information are all provided. Managers utilizing the Pro plan can even set custom credit score requirements to speed screening applicants.

Accounting Tools

Buildium has a built-in general ledger for accounting. All charges, payments, deposits, and refunds are tracked. Transaction notes are included for added clarity. Common charges like trash removal can be prorated among tenants. Accounts payable shows what you owe vendors and who’s been paid. Work orders can be converted into bills and then paid online. Automatic payments for recurring items to vendors can also be set up.

Leasing Tools

Buildium utilizes the Adobe Document Cloud to collect e-signatures for lease documents, and tenants can sign from the device of their choice. There are online templates for lease documents and addenda. Templates use auto-fill fields, so items like tenant names, rent amounts and dates populate automatically. Tenants can authorize their bank accounts or credit cards for rent payment and even set up an automatic payment schedule and submit maintenance requests.

What’s Missing With Buildium

Buildium is a great property management software provider geared toward helping property management firms manage their clients’ properties. However, it’s not right for small landlords who only want to manage one or two properties. It’s also not the most affordable option, so if the cost is your number one consideration, then Avail may be a better alternative.

Buildium User Reviews

Buildium has a 5-star rating based on the average of 10 property management software reviews. Capterra gives Buildium 4.5 stars from nearly 1,000 reviews. Users on the Buildium reviews section like its self-help resources and free trial offer. It is also the best property management software for landlords.

Where to Find Buildium

You can visit Buildium’s website to request a demo, and then sign up for its free 15-day trial. You input your basic information like name and contact information, and then the trial is customized around the number and types of properties you manage. The trial sign-up only takes 30 seconds.

3. Accruent property management software solutions

This software has more than 360 facilities for this reason Accruent is also known as 360 Workplace. Accruent functions as a suite of systems (offering facility maintenance management, space management, construction project software, and lease administration) for those looking to manage real estate with more than just a single solution.

Accruent property   management software solutions
Accruent property management software solutions

Features Of Accruent

Users can monitor important assets and inventory, track vendor interactions, observe construction goals and schedules, estimate expenses and ensure tax compliance. There’s no cap on the number of users and the platform is cloud-based, meaning users can access Accruent anywhere with an internet connection.

Accruent property management software systems

Accruent is built with corporate real estate in mind, so smaller businesses seeking a more customized solution should look elsewhere.

Cost Of This Software

Pricing isn’t listed publicly, but if you’re interested, you can schedule a demo or contact Accruent’s customer support team for more information.

4. Condo Control Central

Condo Control Central is an all-around condo/hoa management software that simplifies and streamlines interactions between property managers, security personnel, condo board members, and residents. Condo Control Central fully digitized property management processes such as payments, booking amenities, handling packages, or requesting parking permits; all transactions can be done online.

Condo Control Central users enjoy hassle-free secure online payments via Visa, MasterCard or American Express without the need for cash or cheques. With its dedicated portal, online transactions can be set to recur monthly with property managers receiving payments in an instant.

You can try all its features when you sign up for Condo Control Central here.

Condo Control Central also has aggressive security features that grant all parties access to incident report tools, security logs, parking permits, key records, and entry requests.

 Condo Control Central  Property Management
Condo Control Central Property Management

Why choose Condo Control Central?

  1. Instant Communication. Condo Control Central has a dedicated online portal that notifies all parties and stakeholders when it comes to policy updates and announcements. Through push notifications, property managers, security personnel, condo board members, and residents are notified in an instant.
  2. Completely Online Booking System.  Booking and payment are 100% transacted online whenever owners and residents wish to avail themselves of services and extra amenities. Property managers just simply need to approve or decline. The software is designed to automatically prevent and avoid double bookings.
  3. Automated Processing of Package Delivery and Storage. Digital logs for incoming and outgoing packages are made available online. Recipients get instant notifications whenever packages are ready for pick-up.

5. Property Manager Cloud

Property Manager Cloud can handle any type of investment property including single-family homes, multifamily buildings, mobile home parks, hotels, and more. Property Manager Cloud is right for landlords and property managers who manage a variety of residential and commercial properties and want to use one software for all of them. It’s also right for specialty properties like mobile home parks.

Property Manager Cloud Pricing & Features by Tier

Basic$15 per month for 1-10 units

All tiers include full features: tenant portal, paperless, maintenance requests, advertising, income tracker, property analyzer & more
Professional$25 per month for 11-50 units
Premier$35 per month for 51-100 units
Elite$55 per month for 101-200 units
Enterprise$75 per month for unlimited units

Price Of Property Manager Cloud’s

This offers a free 60-day trial and subscription-based plans that users can cancel any time. It offers five different tiers of pricing starting at $15 per month for one to 10 units that are different from Avail and Buildium because each tier offers full features. The Property Manager Cloud’s tiers are instead based on the number of units managed. Its highest tier starts at $75 per month for an unlimited number of units.

Property Manager Cloud Features

It can handle most types of diverse properties and offers property management software for both residential and commercial properties. It has a dashboard that provides a snapshot of key property statistics, and its property analysis tools provide a snapshot of key metrics like cap rate, net present value (NPV), and cash-on-cash return. The system is almost totally paperless and has an online organization so even appliances serial numbers can be recorded.

Marketing Tools

Property Manager Cloud only requires you to fill in property information once to set up listings. Then, it syndicates listings across Craigslist, Google, Facebook, and other websites. Additionally, it can provide information to newspapers and has tools for creating property flyers, newsletters, and handling bulk email. There is no sophisticated lead tracking with it. Inquiries are sent to the email you set up on the platform. If a prospect then moves forward with an application, additional information is then available.

Tenant Screening

Property Manager Cloud has customizable applications that can either be email to a prospect or installed on your website. Credit information comes in the form of a FICO score, which is more insightful than a raw credit file. The software provides criminal, sex offender and terrorist checks. Social Security numbers and national eviction checks are also provided. Income and employment verification are not provided although other kinds of screenings can be provided for an additional cost.

Accounting Tools

Property Manager Cloud has full general accounting built-in for both income and expenses. Lease and payment history are updated automatically as payments are entered. Tax documentation is prepared automatically. The software keeps an accurate maintenance history to avoid duplicate payments. It can provide key financial reports and graphs including amortization tables, net operating income, and cash-on-cash returns. User data is encrypted and secured with the same technology used by banks.

Leasing Tools

Leases are handled online; currently, however, it isn’t paperless. Be prepared to handle scanned documents coming from tenants. Landlords can set up automatic payments from residents on custom timelines.

This software can accept credit cards and debit cards, checking accounts or savings accounts, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), disability payments, and other options for online payment. Late fees are added automatically after the due date has passed. Residents can initiate maintenance requests and follow-ups online. Pictures and details can be added for each work order.

What’s Missing With Property Manager Cloud

This Software is recommended for managing multiple different types of properties including commercial and residential real estate. It has a variety of features and reasonable pricing that compares to the other property management software on our list. However, It doesn’t offer paperless leases so, if you want a completely paperless system with online signing capabilities, it might not be right for you. It also doesn’t offer lead tracking, so you can’t see where your leads are coming.

Property Manager Cloud Property Management Software Reviews

It received four out of five stars on Software Advice. This rating is based on 14 property management software reviews. Users offered mixed reviews on how easy it was to use, but generally liked its platform and that multiple users can log on to track rental payments and other information.

Where to Find Property Manager Cloud

You can find out more about the the software by visiting its website. You can register online for a 60-day free trial or find contact information to get a follow-up with any specific questions.

6. FantasticStay  Best Property Management Software for Mixed Property Types

FantasticStay is a powerful cloud-based software that provides a centralized platform for managing the operations of property rental businesses, including Airbnb. Through FantasticStay, you can manage your listings and advertisements right from your account–no need to sign up and log in on booking channels to promote your business. Communicating with your clients is also made easier, as well as making sure that your staff will be ready and available to accommodate your guests. Processing payment is both worry- and hassle-free with Quickbooks and Stripe integration.

FantasticStay helps establish your online presence with its website builder tool that allows you to create an intuitive website where you can place engaging elements and information necessary to keep your business thriving amid the competition.

Why choose FantasticStay?

  1. All-in-one platform. FantasticStay provides you with all necessary tools and features to manage property rentals from promoting, handling reservations and connecting with clients to organizing listing and bookings, processing payments and managing staff.
  2. Fully automated and highly customizable. With admin access, you can customize which processes you would like to automate, thus giving you more control in managing your business operations.
  3. Website builder. FantasticStay’s own website builder does not only save you from the hassle of finding compatible third-party web creators, but it also makes traffic monitoring and data gathering easier because your website is native to your platform.

7. AppFolio: Best Alternative to Buildium

AppFolio is an excellent option for property managers wanting to modernize their property management processes. Property managers who focus on multifamily, single-family, student housing, homeowners association (HOA), condos, or commercial property portfolios will appreciate AppFolio diversity in rental properties. This robust software is for managing more than 50 units with a minimum cost of $250 a month.

AppFolio Pricing

AppFolio pricing is generally set up as follows:

  • Onboarding fee: Minimum of $400
  • Monthly minimum: $250
  • Per unit price: 80 cents to $1.50

AppFolio doesn’t offer tiered pricing but instead has a per-price unit for each type of property that it manages. All of its plans include all of the features it offers, so choosing a plan is dependent on the type of properties you manage and not the features you need. It has a minimum onboarding fee of $400, and it charges 80 cents to $1.50 per unit per month with a $250 monthly minimum.

Specifically, community associations are 80 cents per unit, per month, student housing is $1.25 per unit, per month, residential housing is $1.25 per unit, per month and commercial properties is $1.50 per unit, per month.

AppFolio Features

AppFolio combines rent collection tools, robust accounting, marketing tools, and maintenance request systems into one package. It emphasizes mobility, and all of its features can be used from any device on-the-go. It offers specific features for the different types of properties it manages like student housing as well as residential and commercial properties. Some of its features include online rent payments, ratio utility billing, 1099s, vacancy postings, and customizable online leases.

Marketing Tools

AppFolio has marketing tools that let you market your listing to tenants across different online platforms using one-click syndication, which lets property managers post one listing to multiple sites like Zillow and Craigslist easily. It also builds websites for your portfolio of properties, and you can customize unit specific sites for your vacancies, which gives your listings a professional edge.

Tenant Screening

Like the other property management software on our list, AppFolio offers tenant screening services. It offers built-in tenant screening software with a one-click service for property managers. You can customize your screening criteria with certain credit score and income requirements too. It also offers credit, eviction, and criminal background checks.

Accounting Tools

AppFolio offers some of the best accounting tools among our top property management software sites. It has flexible real-time reporting that is customized around your property management needs. You can enter your bills that need to be paid and set up one-time and recurring bill payments. It also offers budget tracking and income and expense tools for each property as well as quick bank reconciliations.

Leasing Tools

AppFolio offers a myriad of leasing tools that are in line with what Buildium offers like online templates, tenant maintenance requests, and online signature capability. In addition, it offers scheduled rental increase updates, task management for keeping track of the leasing process on each property, and tenants can purchase renter’s insurance on the site.

What’s Missing With AppFolio

AppFolio is great for managing your properties on the go. However, it’s not right for managing one or two properties because it has minimum monthly requirements and is not cost-effective.

AppFolio Property Management Software Reviews

AppFolio has 5 out of 5 stars for property management software reviews. This rating is based on the average of eight ratings on our AppFolio reviews page. Customers like that they can communicate with their tenants through the software.

Where to Find AppFolio

You can find AppFolio on its site by clicking on its orange “Get Started” button at the bottom of the page or click on its “Contact Us” button at the top of the page. You can also go to its free demo for more information before you sign up.

8. RealPage Property Management Software

RealPage is a leading global provider of software and data analytics to the real estate industry, helping clients improve operating performance and increase capital returns.

Its well-regarded software addresses the needs of industry verticals: conventional, enterprise, institutional, affordable HUD, student living, military housing, tax credit, senior living, single-family, vacation rentals

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Richardson, Texas, RealPage currently serves nearly 12,500 clients worldwide from offices in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Why choose RealPage?

  1. Thoughtfully integrated system. RealPage’s integrated solutions, including utility management, resident screening, online leasing, applicant waitlist, and more increase efficiencies and meet all your business needs.
  2. Total control over system-wide policies. RealPage gives you the ability to enforce your company policies across your entire portfolio. By setting a company-defined business model(s) in the system, you can ensure that there is consistency across your sites. The system is set up to enforce your policies and simplify daily processes for the site.
  3. Enforce paperless operations for cost-effectivity. RealPage’s fully integrated Document Management solution gives you the ability to cut paper waste by allowing you to scan and store all important documents as they relate to the unit, resident or even property level.

9. Building Engines property management software online

Founded in 2000, Building Engines is a leading cloud-based provider of property management software for operations-minded teams at the commercial office, retail, and industrial real estate properties. Its web and mobile platforms allow property teams to connect with the activities, data, and insights they need to improve operational efficiency, mitigate risk, improve tenant satisfaction and engagement, and make more informed decisions.

Clients of Building Engines include many of the leading public REITs, private owners/managers, and third-party management firms in the United States and Canada.

Why choose Building Engines?

  1. Unified platform. Rather than charge you for each feature and add-on, Building Engines packs in all core modules with your license fee so you will realize the full value of the system to handle all your operational processes (work orders, inspections, PM, etc.) work, collect and share data together from the get-go.
  2. BE-Mobile app. As one of the first to create a mobile “soapbox,” Building Engine’s BE-Mobile is supported on more platforms and more devices than any other competitor product on the market. It easily allows you to work offline for those times you and your team are working in areas of low or no connectivity in a building.
  3. Total service delivery. Building Engines is the only property management platform that allows you to set your own targets for service delivery, communicate them to tenants and your team, and track overall performance based on your established baseline benchmarks—helping customers move way beyond simple work order management.

10. TurboTenant: Best Property Management Software for Marketing Listings for Free

TurboTenant is an excellent option for landlords looking for a truly free property management solution and an a la carte menu for extras when you need them. It’s a good choice for owners with one or hundreds of units. Like TenantCloud, TurboTenant allows a landlord to market listings, screen applicants, and manage leases in one place for free.

TurboTenant Pricing

TurboTenant offers landlords a property management solution for free. Landlords can list as many properties as they need at no cost. Once you sign up as a landlord, you can begin marketing your properties for lease and accepting applications. The applicant pays between $35 to $45 for screening that includes a criminal background check and varies based on report selection.

TurboTenant’s a la carte menu includes:

  • Custom for rent yard signs for $14.99
  • Rent estimate report to help you price your rental correctly for $14.99
  • A forms library that provides landlords with things like pet addendums, move in and move out the checklist for $99
  • State-specific legal forms like lease agreements starting at $29

Unlike Avail’s all-inclusive unit fees, TurboTenant provides an a la carte menu for landlords looking for additional property management tools.

TurboTenant Features

TurboTenant provides an all-in-one place for landlords to market rental properties, take online applications, screen prospective tenants, and organize documents. Its online marketing sends your listing to websites like and Its software makes it easy to list on Craigslist and create professional flyers. You can track all leads, send and receive applications, and store lease documents and more on any device.

Key features of TurboTenant include:

  • Marketing tools
  • Application tools
  • Tenant screening
  • Leasing tools

Marketing Tools

TurboTenant collects all the details about your rental listing including photos, description, amenities, and location and advertises your property on more than a dozen rental listing websites. It provides a professional and personalized ad for Craigslist postings and Facebook sharing. For renters on the go, TurboTenant landlords can text potential tenants their listing page.

Application Tools

TurboTenant offers landlords and tenants and easy-to-use online application. Their applications have extensive tenant questions and allow landlords to customize questions as well. TurboTenant applications can be filled out on any device and tenants can download important documents.

Tenant Screening

TurboTenant allows landlords to choose between two tenant screening options. Both offer an extensive screening report that includes a soft credit pull through TransUnion and a criminal check. Its higher-priced option includes a past eviction report.

Leasing Tools

TurboTenant offers an a la carte feature where landlords can create state-specific forms like lease agreements and property addendums. It offers document storage where landlords can store copies of signed leases and other important documents all in one place.

What’s Missing With TurboTenant

TurboTenant offers landlords a way to market their properties, see their leads in one place and choose who to send applications to for free. However, it doesn’t offer online rent collection or any accounting tools.

TurboTenant Property Management Software Reviews

TurboTenant has a 5-star rating with Capterra from 28 reviews. Landlords typically indicate that it’s easy it is to keep up with tenant prospects, and they like not having to deal with paper forms.

11.  Property Operations Workspeed by MRI Software

MRI’s Property Operations Workspeed has more than 2,700 clients worldwide and touches on risk management, business analytics, and visitor management. It is also a good property management software company.

Workspeed’s Features

This real estate management solution handles a variety of aspects essential to maintaining multiple properties. Property Operations Workspeed users have access to an equipment library as well as a service contract and warranty management component to ensure timely maintenance and inspections to maximize the lifespan of property assets. The program also offers a service request tool so that property managers, tenants, engineers, and vendors can submit requests and work orders (including through a mobile app).

Workspeeds property management software applications

Work speed is a basic solution and doesn’t allow for much customization, meaning you may have to rely on other MRI solutions to build out this platform.

Costing Of Workspeeds

Pricing isn’t available publicly, though you can request a free, personalized quote through their website.

12. Propertyware property management software 2019

Propertyware is a cloud-based property management solution for single-family and low-density rental units offering a full suite of on-demand property management tools, including customized, hosted websites, online payment processing via credit/debit cards and eChecks, electronic signature powered by DocuSign, work order management, customer portals, inspections and trust accounting — all in one easy-to-use software solution.

Founded in 2001 with headquarters in Richardson, Texas, Propertyware is a public company with more than 5,000 employees worldwide.

Why choose Propertyware?

  1. The core system can do it all. Propertyware integrates all core functions into a single, comprehensive property management solution, effectively eliminating the need for multiple software and applications. This means you can perform and manage every aspect of property management seamlessly and in real-time without having to exit the system.
  2. Save time through customization. Propertyware automates every process, ensuring that you save time as time-intensive workflows are streamlined.
  3. Share and communicate effectively. Property managers need to access and share information within their organization and with their customers and tenants. Propertyware provides users with unparalleled accessibility, effectively redefining how information is accessed and shared between different parties at any place and at any given time. All you need is a stable internet connection and a functional, Internet-ready device such as a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet and you are good to go.

13. TenantCloud: Best Free Property Management Software

TenantCloud is a property management software founded by a landlord whose goal is to save other landlords time and money. It specializes in managing properties for new landlords and property managers on a budget and has different pricing tiers and add-on options. It’s ideal for landlords and property managers who want a free property management software and manage less than 500 units.

TenantCloud Features

TenantCloud offers its features in tiers that include things like free property management software and things like cloud storage, templates, e-signatures, and online payments. Its features are cheaper than our other providers, but it’s also more limited. However, you can add things like tenant screening, rental reports with market trend data, and legal services. Tenants can also sign up for renter’s insurance on the site.

Marketing Features

TenantCloud offers a free property website log in for each landlord and property manager. You can promote your property with a description, photos, pricing and availability, which gives your property listing a professional, polished look. However, unlike the other property management software providers, TenantCloud doesn’t syndicate your listing to other sites, and it doesn’t use search engine optimization (SEO) marketing.

Tenant Screening

TenantCloud offers tenant screening services as a la carte items that you can add to your plan. Its tenant screening services start at $18.95 per applicant that landlords can pay or pass along to rental applicants. It is platinum tenant screening report is $34.95 per applicant and includes employment and residence verification.

Accounting Tools

Every TenantCloud plan includes basic accounting services so that you can store, sort, organize and summarize your financial data. It doesn’t get into the accounting specifics until you sign up for a plan, and it doesn’t offer any additional accounting services that can be purchased separately.

Leasing Tools

TenantCloud offers convenient leasing tools similar to the other providers including online rent collection, online maintenance requests, and online leases and e-signatures. It also offers a template builder and an online rental application where tenants can apply to lease your unit directly on the platform.

TenantCloud Pricing

TenantCloud is known for its cloud-based free property management software, but it also has paid options for landlords and property managers. Its basic service is free for up to 75 units. It also offers tiers of service that provide more features for $9 to $35 per month. It offers two free months if you pay for the service annually instead of monthly.

TenantCloud Pricing & Features

Basic$0/month up to 75 units1 admin account10 notice templates basic accounting worksheet maintenance requests online leases online payments automatic late fees
Standard$9/month up to 150 unitsBasic features plus unlimited notice templates google calendar sync-signature online payments
Advanced$35/month up to 500 unitsAdvanced features plus 5 admin accounts property message board & customer support

14. Propertyware: property management software for small business

Propertyware is a cloud-based property management solution for single-family and low-density rental units offering a full suite of on-demand property management tools, including customized, hosted websites, online payment processing via credit/debit cards and eChecks, electronic signature powered by DocuSign, work order management, customer portals, inspections and trust accounting — all in one easy-to-use software solution.

Founded in 2001 with headquarters in Richardson, Texas, Propertyware is a public company with more than 5,000 employees worldwide.

Propertyware Pricing

Propertyware offers three different tiers of pricing, but it also has monthly minimums for each tier. Its entry-level pricing is $1/unit per month with a $250 per month minimum plus an implementation fee of twice the monthly subscription price. However, it does recommend reaching out to the company for specific pricing details, and if you want to customize your plan.

Propertyware Pricing & Features

Basic$1/month per unit with a $250/month minimum plus implementation fee 2x subscription priceMaintenance, tenant screening, marketing, unlimited storage, online payments, and accounting
Plus$1.50/month per unit with a $350/month minimum plus implementation fee 2x subscription priceBasic features plus e-signature and inspections
Premium$2/month per unit with a $450/month minimum plus implementation fee 2x subscription pricePlus features and maintenance projects and vendor portals

Propertyware Features

Propertyware offers features in line with many of the property management software like online rental payments, online maintenance requests, tenant screening, and marketing tools. It also offers some unique features including scheduling property inspections, a portal for vendors that are frequently used and maintenance projects scheduling and timelines.

Marketing Tools

Propertyware offers marketing tools similar to Avail like listing syndication across all major real estate sites and branded websites for your properties. It also offers some additional tools including a leasing management system where every lead is answered. It also tracks where your leads come from and schedules follow-up calls and emails to keep you organized and save time.

Tenant Screening

Propertyware offers an integrated tenant screening system that produces comprehensive and easy-to-read reports. Its tenant screening system is powered by LeasingDesk and complies with all federal housing rules and regulations. It offers background checks, credit reports, eviction history and employment verification with all of its plans. You can also customize your screening reports with your desired minimum qualifications.

Accounting Tools

Propertyware offers a flexible accounting solution for landlords and property managers. It has accounts receivable and accounts payable systems as well as bank reconciliations. Its robust accounting tool keeps track of payments for you, and you can create a custom budget. It also offers QuickBooks integration, which can save you time, and you can create custom accounting reports on the platform too.

Leasing Tools

Propertyware has a global contact center infrastructure, so you never miss a call from a prospective tenant. There are trained leasing specialists who know the details about your property, your vacancies, amenities, and pricing so that they can answer all of the prospective tenants’ questions. It also schedules on-site visits and answers questions that come from your website.

What’s Missing With Propertyware

Propertyware does a good job of helping landlords and property managers manage their portfolio of single-family homes or single-family home communities. However, it’s not right for you if you own commercial property, multifamily properties or even condos. It’s also not right for small landlords with one or two single-family homes because it has a minimum monthly fee of $250.

Propertyware Property Management Software Reviews

Propertyware received four out of five stars for property management software reviews. This rating is based on three reviews. Users liked that Propertyware makes it easy for tenants and landlords to communicate on the platform, and they liked the variety of features offered.

15. Rent Manager: property management software vacation rentals

Incorporated in 1987 and headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Rent Manager is a property management, accounting, CRM, and work order management software suite that combines enterprise accounting, VOIP phone integration, online portal tools, mobile applications, open API and electronic payments into one powerful integrated system.

Rent Manager’s extensive features allow any user to completely customize the use and functionality of the software. With a wide range of optional modules, mobile capabilities, web resources, and convenient hardware, Rent Manager is easily tailored to meet the unique needs of your company.

Why choose Rent Manager?

  1. Unique voice recording and broadcasting. With Rent Manager, you can simply record a message and send it to all your contacts in your Rent Manager directory. It saves precious time and you don’t have to call each of your customers individually to talk about the same thing.
  2. Save on time and money through Virtual Post Office. Rent Manager effectively eliminates the need to print letters. Simply create any communication form and send it to Rent Manager and they will be posted to wherever you want. This feature saves a lot of time for you and your staff and also cuts down the cost for printers and mails.
  3. Efficient commercial and financial management. Rent Manager allows you to calculate and distribute recurring charges for your properties. Accompanied by scheduling and reporting features, commercial management by Rent Manager makes sure that your finances never suffer.

11 Best Employee Schudeling Software Details. You Can check it out here.


In this post, i taking about 15 most popular and useful Property Management Software details. I looked at dozens of property management software providers and chose our top nine based on their pricing structure, features and property management software reviews. Ultimately, we chose Avail as our top provider based on its reasonable pricing, multiple features, and ease of use.


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