Do It Yourself Internet Marketing strategies (5 Tools To Get Started)

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Internet marketing strategies for newbies can seem a little challenging. But once you understand the basic principles you can develop that knowledge as your needs grow and change. Internet marketing strategies are the process of promoting your business online. The tools are different to other types of marketing, but you still need to know your target audience is, the benefits of your product or service and why people should buy from you rather than from somebody else.

5 Tools Of Internet Marketing strategies

Let’s take a look a the 5 tools to get you started with internet marketing strategies.

Your Content

Your next step is to generate some content to put on your website. Content drives traffic and provides your audience with the value and information they’re looking for. In addition to text, content includes video clips, online surveys, infographics, pictures, and mp3 files, etc. Here is a good website canvas which is free to create a free infographic.

Your Traffic

You need people to visit your website. There are two major ways you can do this. You can bring in free website traffic or you can pay for website traffic. Free website traffic needs time to gather traction, but when it starts, it can deliver a constant flow of site visitors. Paid website traffic delivers immediate results, but the moment you stop paying, the traffic stops. Here is a tip to increase your website traffic.

Your Website

The cornerstone of your online business is your website. To get started you’ll need a name for your website. This is known as a domain name. You’ll also need some website hosting so that you can ‘rent’ space on the internet. There are a number of website platforms that can help you to get your website online easily and quickly. You can also choose WordPress because it’s free to use. If you don’t know how to use WordPress.Then read how to choose your WordPress themes and how to install  WordPress themes. Also, read about good website design guide.

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Your Social Media

Social media makes it possible for you to connect with your target audience on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Provide value in the form of help, advice, and tips in relations to your niche and marketplace. As you build your followers, you’ll develop a relationship of trust and recognition which in turn motivates them to visit your website or buy from you. Read how to make money with social media.

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Your Emails

To connect with your prospects and encourage them to visit your website again, or buy from you, you need to get their email address. You might offer a free report or eBook in return for a website visitor’s email address. You could ask them to become a free member of your membership website or to sign up to receive your newsletter.

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