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Maybe you want to start a WordPress website. But the problem is don’t know how to install WordPress on your website. Don’t worry about it. There are a few different methods to install WordPress on your site. By using any one of these methods you can easily install WordPress on your site. So in this post, I will try to give you an idea about this. So let’s concentrate on the main topic

How To Install WordPress On Your Site

Wait wait… Before going to start just know a little bit about WordPress. WordPress is a content management system. WordPress is widely used everywhere. Almost 90% site you can design by using WordPress. It is an open content management. By using WordPress you can create a dynamic website.

First of all, why are there different methods for installing WordPress in the first place? The answer is simple… Because of WordPress’ popularity, there are a number of helper tools that make it easier to install the platform on different servers and hosts. As a result, there’s not simply one choice for how to install WordPress but multiple alternative ones.  Read Top 9 Ways To Earn Bitcoin In 2018 }

In this post, I’ll give you a tutorial for each of the common methods for installing WordPress. To give you some guidance for which method you should choose, I’ve ordered the guides from easiest to most time-consuming. So if you’re just looking for the quickest and easiest way to install WordPress, start at the top!

How To Install WordPress Which Preinstall  With Hosting Plan

So it is one of the best and easiest way to install WordPress on your website. You think what is the easiest way?    The easiest way to install WordPress is to just pick a host that does it for you. That means you buy a hosting. Then when you are going to install WordPress just you have to do one click.  Nowadays, many WordPress-specific hosts will let you choose to have WordPress pre-installed.  That means once you sign up for hosting, you can jump straight into your WordPress site. The whole question of “how to install WordPress” is irrelevant in such a case!  Read How To Start A Blog Using Free WordPress Themes. ]

Here are a few recommended hosts that will pre-install WordPress for you:

  • SiteGround– has tons of WordPress-specific features that make your life easier. Starts from $3.95 a month for 1 site. There are also many different plans available on Siteground. Such as VPS hosting, Shared Web Hosting and more. Their price is also different for each plan. I think if you are beginners then go for startup Plans. Normal price is $11.95 each month. But You can get $3.95 each month from here.
  • InMotion Hosting– affordable and comes with pre-installed WordPress and their own “Bold Grid” drag-and-drop builder. Starts from $4.99 a month for one site.

Also, many managed WordPress hosts will pre-install WordPress for you, but the price tags on those can be higher. But can also buy web hosting from Bluehost. Bluehost also a great web hosting at a low cost. You can get $3.95 every month. Their server Uptime is also very good and best for WordPress. Just take a look of Bluehost website.

How To Install WordPress Using your Hosting Cpanel

You can buy your hosting anywhere that doesn’t matter. But before going to buy hosting plan take a look about Cpanel. Is your hosting provider give you Cpanel or not. And one more thing is that in your Cpanel have Auto-installer or not? cPanel is the dashboard that most web hosts give their customers. When you sign up for hosting, your host should provide you with login details for cPanel.  { Read How To Edit Your WordPress Post}. And for most hosts, the cPanel interface looks something like this:

How To Install WordPress-Cpanel Demo

In your cPanel interface, your host should give you something called an auto installer. Autoinstallers basically automate the full WordPress install process that I’ll highlight in the next section. So instead of needing to do everything manually, you just input some basic information, click a button, and the auto installer installs WordPress for you. {  Read How To Do SEO For Your WordPress Website For Rank Higher. }

There are a few different auto installers you might encounter:

  • Softaculous
  • Fantastico
  • QuickInstall
  • MOJO Marketplace

And while there might be a few minor interface differences, all of the auto installers more or less function the same. So while I’ll show you an example using Softaculous, the exact interface for your auto installer might look a tiny bit different. Just see the picture below

How To Install WordPress -Cpanel Demo-

still now understand how to do it. Ok, no problem. I have a solution for you. You can see this Cpanel demo just one click. To get started, find the link to the WordPress auto installer in cPanel and give it a click: Cpanel Demo.

On the next screen, you should see an Install Now link (no matter which auto installer you’re using). Just give that another click. Next, you’ll need to enter details for your WordPress install. Again, this interface should generally look the same no matter which auto installer you’re using. You can also view the WordPress maintenance service, WordPress maintenance planwhite label WordPress maintenance.

Step To Install WordPress On Site

First, fill in the protocol and domain name where you want to install WordPress. For Protocol, if you’re using an SSL certificate, you should choose HTTPS. Otherwise, you should choose HTTP. Unless you purposefully installed an SSL Certificate, the default is HTTP. ( Read How To Choose WordPress Best Themes For Your Website. )

Next, choose the directory in which you want to install WordPress. For 99% of situations, you should leave this field blank. Leaving it empty means WordPress will be installed at your main domain. That is, if your domain is, then WordPress will be installed at rather than something like

A bit further down, you need to enter your Site Settings. These are just the default values for your site’s name and description. You can always change them later from the WordPress interface. Do not enable WordPress Multisite unless you’re specifically trying to create a multisite network. If you know what is multisite then it’s fine. But if don’t know about multisite then it will better for you to don’t active multisite. Actually, in multisite, you can create a lot of different website with the same domain. I will give more details later. One more thing you get other options which are back up. You can set your backup once in seven days. Read Top Most WordPress Caching Plugins You Should Use In your Website To Increase Your Website Speed. }

WordPress Log In Process

You’ll also need to create login credentials for your WordPress account. You’ll use this username/password combination to log into your WordPress dashboard after installation, so make sure that you remember it. Depending on the specific auto-installer that you’re using, you might see a few other options as well. You can safely ignore these. That is, it’s fine to leave anything I didn’t cover as the defaults. { Read About Top Website Design Software In 2018

How To Install WordPress -Log In Process-TopUpdates.netOnce you’ve filled out everything, make sure to click Install at the bottom of the screen. It might take a minute or so to run. Then, you should get a confirmation. You can log into your brand new WordPress install by going to

How to install WordPress Via FTP Or File Manager

Firstly I want to say that according to my view first options to install WordPress is best for beginners. Actually, I don’t really see a need to use this process anymore because of how simple and unique the auto installers above are. But if you want to learn how to install WordPress manually, keep on reading. If you’re a beginner, just use the auto installer process I outlined above.

To run the famous 5-minute install, you will need an FTP program to upload files. I use FileZilla, but you there are plenty of quality free FTP programs. Start by downloading the latest version of WordPress from You can also upload your WordPress file via your file manager. Just log in to your hosting Cpanel. You can view the file manager. Just click on the file manager. At the top, you see upload options. But remember that upload to public HTML folder. [ Top 31 Tips To Build Your WordPress Business Website In Efficient Way ]

Then unzip the file and upload it to the public_html (or similar) directory of your website. If you’re not sure how to log in to FTP, ask your host for your FTP account information.While that’s going on, head over to your cPanel account and find the MySQL Databases option. You should see an option to Create a New Database. Enter a name for your database and click Create Database. The name can be whatever you want – just make sure that you remember it. You’ll need it later on.

Next, you need to actually create a user for your database. So on that same page, scroll down to MySQL Users and create a new user. Once you’ve created the user, make sure to give it access to the database you created. On the next page, also make sure to give that username All Privileges. { Read About 6 Easy Step To Install Your WordPress Themes. }

How To Install WordPress

Now, assuming the FTP transfer has finished, you can go to your domain name to complete the installation process. When you visit your domain, you should see the WordPress install wizard. First, you need to choose your language. Then, make sure you have the details for your database name, user, and password handy. Enter them when prompted. If all goes well, you should be able to run the WordPress install. Give your WordPress site a title and enter the information necessary to create your admin account. (Take care of your WordPress website security. Learn More about WordPress Security.)

Then click Install WordPress. And that’s it! You just learned how to install WordPress manually. You can now log in with the account details that you entered during the install process:

How To Install WordPress On LocalHost

This process is used for learning purpose or some website testing purpose. Here you have to install WordPress on your computer. But the questions is how and where you can install WordPress? you can not install WordPress directly on your computer. You have to create a server in your hard disk. There is some software which helps to create a local server on your computer. Such as Xampp. It is a software by you can be done all the work offline on your computer. But one thing is that as this process offline. Therefore the website cannot be accessible by anyone else. It is known as localhost. You can download Xampp here. Learn the 6 Tips To Increase Your Blog Traffic.

I will discuss in details how to install Xampp on your computer later.


I just discuss how to install WordPress in these few processes.  You can follow any one of these processes. But again I am telling you that if you are a beginner then you should go through the auto installer. Because the installer is great and also offer huge function. By using the auto installer you can save your time besides this work will be done perfectly. But if you are in advance level then you can choose any process of these.

So, if you want to learn or want to create a WordPress website then this article is helpful for you. But one thing is that before going to install WordPress you should choose a good hosting. Then you can start your blog.  So if you think that this article is helpful for you then please share this article with your friend. And one more thing is if think that in this article need any correction or should be added any other thing. Then please write down with details in the comment box below.


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