Bad Backlinks Identify and Removing Bad Backlinks For Batter Results

Identifying and Removing Bad Backlinks for A Better and Performing Website

Business websites often make a great mistake of hiring some unreliable SEO organizations that help in gaining quick rankings in the search engines. They often buy bad backlinks to solve the purpose. But this activity often creates risks for the website and it can lose rankings and even get penalized.

Identifying and Removing Bad Backlinks

Purchasing bad links may give you short-term benefits, but you are always at the risk and unnatural links often indicate that your website doesn’t have the relevant or quality content to be interesting so as to get proper backlinks on its own. (Read the best 8 ways to increase your SEO score in Google.)

Identifying the different types of backlinks

With different types of backlinks, it is very important to identify the good from the bad and work on them accordingly so that there is no effect on the ranking of the site.

Backlinks solely for the SEO purpose

If you find that a website has various backlinks that do not have any quality, form of structure or cohesiveness. Then it is likely that the site is created to give links to other sites. In case the site is developed by using WordPress CMS, then you will observe that it lacks the features and simply uses the default theme. (Read the 6 steps to install WordPress Themes.)

Over-optimized anchor texts

Usually, the link text of a website on another site is the site’s name. If you find that the link to your site has used an extra set of keywords, then it can also be suspicious to the search engines and is usually an unethical practice by shady webmasters. It is recommended that you use anchor text that makes sense and link only to relevant websites. (Read how to start a blog and earn money from the blog. )

Links from different geographical locations

You may observe that the links that connect to you are from different countries and in different languages. It makes sense only if the links are from a similar industry and uses you as an authoritative reference. But many times such links are connected to sites that are completely irrelevant, which makes it appear suspicious. (Read how to make money from eBay.)

Links in comments

For bigger sites, often automated bots comment on the site and also leave a link on it. Such comments are very generic, but some comments from the readers are meant to share a link with you. So, it is crucial to check the comments or even approve them before reflecting them on the site. By this, you can avoid having spammy comments.

How to get rid of bad backlinks

Once you have identified your bad backlinks, it’s time to remove them. So, here is what you can easily do to remove them:

Get in touch with the owner

This is the best and easiest way to remove your bad backlinks. You can contact the owner and request him to remove the link. But be prepared to face some webmasters who will demand a payment to remove the link or might not respond at all. (Read 17 best WordPress plugins details to keep your site health better.)

Start fresh

In case the problem is deep and resource consuming to solve, then it is best to shut down your website and start fresh again. But this is the last option after you have been penalized by Google or Penguin or even a manual penalty. You can also seek professional help from a reputed SEO company to recover your site.

Remove the pages

In case you find that the links are pointing to low-quality content pages in your site, then the best thing to do is to remove the pages by using 404 or 410 reports instead of removing the links. But this should be used sparingly as too may 404 reports would also create a wrong picture in Google. (Read about best SEO tools to increase your site traffic.)

Disavow everything

In case if you have too many bad links and you are not getting any help from the webmasters, then you can simply disavow them. This means that you can send a message to Google so that it does not consider the links when the site is indexed.


Maybe you want to create a website or a website owner. Then you should know the importance of backlinks. If a site has a good amount of Do follow backlinks. Then site rank fast in google. In this post, I just write how to identify and remove bad backlinks from your website. So always try to create do-follow backlinks. know how to create Do follow backlinks and remove bad backlinks. If you like my post and want to suggest something. Then don’t hesitate to write in the comment box below.

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