5 Basic Powerful Features You Should Know For Game App Development

In such a little time as much as a decade, handheld or mobile gaming has progressed from Snake Xnezia to the multi-billion dollar cell phone gaming and tablet gaming industry. This has been such a dramatic revolution and it is highly appreciated. however, it has not stopped here and it is continuously progressing with each day. So Game app development is a very good option and you should know about the best 5 features.

Today, people are loving and playing video games more than ever, due to the emergence of entertainment trends such as Angry Birds, candy crush and now PUBG, which have been the best-selling games of all time with millions of downloads. Moreover, most of the gaming that is reported has been seen to come in the form of well-designed and well-constructed apps.  

5 Basic Powerful Features You Should Know For Game App Development

Introduction To Gaming App Development

Yet the question is what makes a mobile or tablet-based game app great and how to make one that people would love? Simple Usability experts and specialists aim at these few features of the game app that every developer and every app development company in California look into closely, which are: 

#1 Try To Keep Your Icons And Options Clear

Icons are very useful to show the shortcuts to the menu choices without the need for text assistance for the gamers, which makes it essential for the developers to keep the icons very clear for the people. 

Nonetheless, the icons must be plain and unmistakably related to the function: a dollar sign for income, a tool spanner. Moreover, you have to choose all your icons and symbols very smartly and make them completely relatable. As new, vague, or unclear symbols are used, they can have the reverse impact if consumers struggle to recognize what they mean. This causes confusion and makes difficulties for the gamers, which they never like about a game. A game needs to be as simple as possible when it comes to such things. So app development may be a very good options for you if you can create an simple app.

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#2 Simplified And Less Controlling Options

Mobiles and tablets have very few navigational options, controls, and control choices than ergonomic console game controllers like joysticks. keypads and keyboards, which ensure the smartphone game makers need to evolve according to the device that they are going to cater through their game.

Those who achieved so effectively did so by merging automatic controls with functionality. Most of the popular games that you might have also observed, need just one input, pressing and keeping the button to speed up the descent and release while going. Moreover, there are many other games that only require to tap or swipe across the screen to play the game which makes the game effortless and keeps it interesting.  Simplicity is one of the best functions of app development. The more simple app it’s more chance to get more popular. So try to keep as simple as possible.

#3 Swift Session Opening

To promote the ‘picking up and playing’ essence of games and reduce waiting the time between sessions, you must provide a fast start option for the sessions so that the gamer does not have to wait for them after completing one. This can result in frustrating the gamer and he or she might leave the game in between as a result of this issue. 

#4 Include Feature Feedback

Without any visual input from a button tapping or pressing or vibration, video games will use a new way of signaling to the gamers that their activities have been registered. The gamers can have on-screen input that is subtle yet insightful for them. 

For example, the buttons present on the panel as the gamer clicks them and presents the text on the computer. We automatically notify whether or not the attacks or blocks have been successful. Likewise, when doing or obtaining harm, the number of points lost flashes on the screen and the health bar registers to delete the respective numbers.

Feature feedback is one of the must functions you should include on any app development. It enables you to understand what problem you have to solve in your app for future.

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#5 Gift And Rewards Are Essential 

In a well-designed gaming app development, players will have straightforward and consistent goals for other gamers and tangible objectives to be achieved throughout the game. In an effort to conserve room on the computer, rolling scores may be omitted, however, the brief feedback loop of measurable success provides the consumer with a hook to keep them stuck on the game for longer. 

Without a specified target or objective, whether story-driven or high score, players may lose interest in the game and pass on. This is also essential to keep players interested in a game by giving them incentives for achieving their in-game goals.


If you are app developer then you should keep in mind that these five powerful features makes any game perfect. Though many functions you also keep in mind when you going to develop any app. Here i include 5 Basic Powerful Features You Should Know For Game App Development or any kind of app development.

If you think one or more functions should include then don’t hesitate to write in the comment box bellow.

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