10 newest and effective ways to make money online 2020

Making money online 2020 is currently a trend that many young people are interested in and learn about. The ultimate goal is to create a source of passive income for yourself. There are many effective ways to make money online available without any investment. You can instantly try these ways to make some extra pocket money.

You have heard a lot about the students who all day plug their faces into computers whose monthly income is up to tens, even hundreds of millions of dong.

10 Ways to make money online

effective ways to make money online 2020

This article will help you get the most overview of making money online on the market today and the 10 most effective ways to make money online in 2020. All these ways are free to try or make money. You can easily try these ways to make money online by simply from your laptop.

What is making money online?

Make money online, make money online, MMO is how you make money from Internet jobs through the use of a computer/phone (mostly computers) or devices connected to the Internet. This term is not in the dictionary, but rather a compound word when the internet was introduced into Vietnam and created some forms of making money through the internet.

In the following 10 ways to make money online, each has 1 different advantage: there is a sustainable way to make money online, a way to make money online quickly and there are also simple ways to make money online, but of course, the income will not be high. Depending on your interests and strengths, you choose a suitable direction for yourself.

#1 Make money with Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best popular ways to make money online which I love. Affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing is simply how you introduce the supplier’s products (such as Amazon, Alibaba, Taobao, …) to customers. When a customer performs an action such as buying, filling out a registration form, … you will receive a commission. Commissions will be between 8-10% depending on the product.

The benefits of affiliate marketing are that you do not need to own products or services, nor do you need to worry about delivery and customer care. Meanwhile, it receives a very attractive commission.

You can simply create an affiliate website easily with WordPress if you don’t know how to create an affiliate marketing website that makes money for you forever.

#2 Make money with Trade coin, electronic money transactions:

Cryptocurrency is a cryptocurrency with many different names such as digital money or cryptocurrency. This currency is based on the use of the most modern encryption technology and computer engineering algorithms.

Cryptocurrencies are recently emerging as one of the fastest ways to make money. You will be able to increase your money 2-3 times in just one night.. The crypto craze has been raging throughout 2017 and has only started to cool down recently.

But not all are honey, you can see countless articles about cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies falling in value without stopping many people losing their hands or losing most of their assets in a short time. At the same time, this is also the place where countless cases of scam appear for novices in the industry. So you need to be really awake.

Making money by trading coins and investing in cryptocurrency is an attractive but also risky method of making money. The most prominent among digital currencies is Bitcoin, see How to make money with Bitcoin effectively.

#3 Make money through Google Adsense

Make money online through Google Adsense of Google.

You can also use Google Adsense as an effective ways to make money online through online monetization channels. Your job is to create a website, maintain it, and generate a steady stream of traffic. From there you can register with Google and start receiving money from placing google ads.

If you not getting approval from google then you can try these google AdSense approval tricks to get approval very quickly.

#4 Make money online by selling T-shirts on Teespring:

Make money online by designing and selling t-shirts online on Teespring

Selling T-shirts was a very popular form of money making in 2014 and 2015. It brought huge income to the people doing MMO at that time. From a couple of thousand to tens of thousands of dollars per month. Your job is to design a beautiful t-shirt and promote it.

The most important thing when making T-shirts is that you have to plan the details to promote the product. That may be running Facebook ads with focus on the target audience, content …

#5 Selling online on Facebook:

With the strong development of e-commerce. This makes it very convenient for each of us to start our own business. The advantage of selling online is that you will save a lot of costs on premises, staff, service ….

With a Facebook platform primarily, you can start an online business right on your own personal Facebook account. If you invest more, you can set up Fanpage and run ads. It will definitely remain the trend in the near future.

#6 Make money by selling on Amazon, Ebay …

Dropship products from Chinese e-commerce sites to America. Drop shipping also a very effective ways to make money online by simply selling product online.

One of the recent trends of MMO world that is selling on Amazon, Ebay … Of course, making money abroad, the revenue will be not small. There is no shortage of examples of individuals in the Amazon selling communities, Dropship, making millions of dollars per month. In Vietnam, most of you who are just starting to do Dropship will choose Chinese e-commerce sites like Aliexpress because the prices of goods are often much lower than the international market. Especially if you combine Affiliate Marketing at the same time, there will be more sales for these products. Register Affiliate link of Aliexpress here.

This is a form not for beginners. You need to invest a lot and, importantly, have knowledge of digital marketing. Especially the article content about your product must be in English.

#7 Write standard seo articles, write advertising articles:

This is a job for those who have a passion for writing. You need to have skills to write standard SEO articles. If you do not have SEO knowledge, you can check out the standard SEO article or video tutorial. At the same time you should add other knowledge about SEO to be able to undertake more work than writing articles such as webmaster wordpres.

In addition, there are jobs such as Fanpage administrator, advertising articles for busy shops that do not have time to administer fan page. For this job, you need to learn more about content marketing, and visual design tools like photoshop, basics, or canvas.

IF you are good writer then it will be one of the very good ways to make money online for you. So try it for you if you are good in this field.

#8 Freelancer:

Freelancer are people who work for others (individuals, companies) without any constraints on working time each day, as long as they complete the work on time as agreed, as well as not committed. long-term work. Make Money Freelancer is a very familiar job for many people, even many of you have been doing it every day. It is predicted that in 2020, freelancing will continue to increase strongly.

There are many places you can make money on Freelance like:

  • Fiverr
  • SEOClerks
  • Upwork.com
  • Freelancer.com

Among these sites, the most representative is Fiverr. This is an online marketplace for freelancers. If you have a certain skill (for example design) you can post to Fiver and take a product design order for someone for $ 5. The price of your work may be higher depending on whether you contract with the buyer.

#9 Make money online with Youtube:

Youtube is a giant platform developed by Google that allows you to post videos to store and share with others, to the community to watch or to keep you private. Nowadays, with the popularity of the internet, Youtube’s impact on us is enormous. On average, each American spends 2 hours a day watching Youtube. Youtube is another very very trending and popular ways to make money online nowadays.

This information is enough to show that making money on Youtube is no longer a strange thing. It has become a familiar channel and is widely participated in USA. In the world, famous YouTubers can be mentioned as Pewdiepie with tens of millions of followers, earning tens of millions of dollars per year. Or another example of Beauty Blogger Michelle Phan with nearly 9 million followers. She is also one of the world’s most popular beauty bloggers.

In addition to making money on youtube, making money on TikTok is also an easy way to reach and optimize your sales. Refer to some possible methods if you plan to make a profit from TikTok.

#10 Make money online with Blog or Personal Website:

You can build your own blog or wordpress website and share the knowledge you know on the blog, then optimize the article so that others searching on google will see your shared post.However, to become a real blogger is not easy, you can think it is simple but you also need to have some skills and knowledge.

To become a blogger, in my opinion you need to have the following qualities:

  • Writing skills: Really very important, you must read a lot and write a lot.
  • Broad understanding of what you write: If you don’t have a broad understanding of what you share, it can be difficult to develop.
  • Website knowledge: A freelance blogger not only has a separate writing style, but the ability to manage the server to the website is essential.
  • Knowledge of on-page and off-page SEO: In addition to content creation, you must also understand the structure of a standard SEO article so that your article can be on top of relevant keywords.
  • I noticed that when you have your own blog and you know how to exploit, your blog is no different from small online business and is a machine that generates money for you every month.


Here in this post I just try to include some of the best effective ways to make money online and most of the ways are free to use. There is no need to invest a single penny to start these money making methods. There are many ways to make money online method are available you can try.

In the post which method is according to you write in the comment box bellow and if you think any method should be include then also write in the comment box bellow.

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