FROM THE GYM TO YOUTUBE: 6 Types of Content to Begin Your Fitness Channel

Because of the unrelenting progress in technology and on the Internet, even the normal and the usual things people do offline can be done online! There are many limitations, yet it’s good news in many ways! So Youtube is one of the best sources where you can share your thoughts through video and make money online from there. Here are the best 6 types of content to begin your fitness channel.

Numerous fitness coaches, gym trainers, physical fitness mentors, Zumba instructors and the like are heightening the hopes of more people to be healthy and fit! That’s through bringing online the things which can be done only inside the gym before! One of the most common and popular ways is by using the video-sharing service the world knows about: YouTube.

6 Types Of Content To Begin Your Fitness Channel

You might be a fitness expert, a gym nut or just a health conscious person who wants to start your YouTube channel to share awesome and helpful content about fitness. You’re off to a good destination with a wholesome purpose! 

6 Types Of Content To Begin Your Fitness Channel

Start with the basics. What kinds and looks of videos should you put to begin your fresh fitness channel? Check out this list of 6 content types that will help you sort things out better and invite potential clients! 


It’s time to step up and bring your confidence from the gym to the camera’s lenses! Content that shows who the influencer is enables viewers to see who’s going to teach them and be with them throughout the minutes of the videos. Though the laptop or the cell phone’s screen separate you, it’s time to build rapport with your viewers by introducing yourself and being in contact with them. 

Your viewers are invited to trust you better when you personally talk to them through the screen. Show yourself! Do not just talk behind the camera and the keyboard. Connect with your viewers, and show them the visible results of your fitness journey. Get them encouraged by that well-shaped body you worked hard to earn!


You may have content for general audiences, but prioritize specifying WHO will benefit from it. In that way, your target audience will be able to easily search and see it. Of course, they will by keying in the words related to the exact thing they are looking for, so if you immediately have the answer, you will meet each other instantly. 

If the fitness content you will upload is for beginners in the gym, then indicate that in your title and in the videos themselves. If it’s for those people looking for weight-loss tips, those searching for abs workout routines, those wanting to gain firmer leg muscles, be specific about it. People will not hesitate to click your videos when they see that you have what they are in need of in particular. 

Moreover, if you will regularly upload content with distinct target audiences, you will win more followers. You will be able to make use of your vast knowledge of fitness whoever you are talking to!


Linked to the previous tip, this talks about being precise and particular again, but this time, it’s about the fitness tips that you will share! 

This is the main objective of you bringing your gym expertise to YouTube! Generously share your fitness tips that will be ideal for other people. Give disclaimers if those tips might not be allowed for some people who have current health conditions. Through actions, show them how they are done. Through words, tell them how they will profit from these fitness tips. 

Surely, as a fitness buff or instructor, you carry loads of information and experience about this field, so you can supply numerous fitness tips for people to follow. 


The length of tutorial videos affects viewers’ stay. 

When the videos are super interesting and accurately what they need, people will stay no matter how long the durations are. But keep in mind that most of the time, too long can be dragging. Well, needless to say, some workouts take hours, so they are understandable. 

On the other hand,  videos which are too short might not be enough. Some people might think they wouldn’t get what they are looking for satisfactorily. Furthermore, it will be a disadvantage when they are doing the workout but need to find another video to play after 2 or 3 minutes. 

Consider the target audience with this one. For beginners and for older people, they might not have the steady patience and endurance to watch and follow very lengthy tutorials. For fitness lovers and those currently in their thriving fitness journey, lengthy as required is best.


Imagine watching a fitness tutorial video that bores you to tears. Don’t let any of your content be like that! 

Including the editing styles, the sound effects, the music, the routines, the conversations, let your fitness content burst with zest that your viewers will have a sensation of how good the workout is! Even before they do it, they will already be encouraged! 

Your enthusiasm in your exercise can be diffused! Pull those lazy bodies out from their beds with your fitness content that activates people’s vigor and participation!


Beginning your YouTube channel could be the hardest because it is when you are going to introduce yourself and your content (which could be your product and your services).

Though many YouTubers gain achievements after a number of trial contents, it’s best to catch the interest and attention of people right from the start.   

What will make people look forward to more? Use your zeal, your skills, your friendliness, your smart ideas! 

Your first few contents might be the top deciding factor for viewers to give them a thumbs-up! They will also be the first few reasons why people will subscribe and follow to know more about what you do!

Is it an exciting and funny but effective fitness video? Is it a unique and clever way of communicating virtually? Is it a set of catchy titles, captions and descriptions? Whatever it is that you think of, it must be something that will lead people to wish for you to post again soonest! 


The first step is always the most challenging! That’s why wise preparations are matchless. Plan the basic needs before you think of specific content you would like to share to viewers. Many people cannot or do not choose to work out because they don’t find it interesting or because they are lazy. Connect with them, and make them feel motivated to take on their very own fitness journey. Even when you’re miles apart, you can help them make that happen!

With countless possibilities online, you can share your love for a healthy lifestyle to people across the globe. The gym does have walls, but bringing it online takes it closer to people and without boundaries.

This article is contributed by Nicole Ann Pore. Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Travel, health, shopping, lifestyle and business are among the many subjects she writes about.



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