Best 5 WordPress Plugins You Must Have

First of all, you have to know what is WordPress? WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS). More than 75 million websites are designed with cms. It is free to install, deploy and upgrade. Thousands of free theme and plugins are available here. Anyone can design a good looking website with this interface. It is very very simple and also user-friendly.It was originally set up as an easy way for bloggers to create blogs. Read 6 Easy Way to install WP Themes.

Best 5 WordPress Plugins You Must Have

There are many nice and very useful plug-ins that can be used for your website. This is a computer program that interacts with an application to add specific functions or capabilities. Read How To select wp Themes.

Five great WordPress plug-ins include:

Best 5 WordPress Plugins You Must Have1. Magic Fields

Magic Fields simplifies content management when creating custom write panels and helps to create custom fields for write panels. It allows you to add a variety of fields to your posts including Textbook, Multiline Textbook, Checkbox, Checkbox List, Radio button List, Dropdown List, List box, File, Image, Date, and many more.

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  2. NextGEN gallery

Another plugin is an Image Gallery plug-in for WordPress that comes with many options and features such as the slideshow option. Other features of NextGEN gallery are the templates, which allow you to add custom templates to your theme, and media RSS feed that adds the Cooliris effect to your gallery.

The copy/move feature lets you copy or move images between galleries. The watermark function allows you to add a watermark image or text. Other features of the NextGEN gallery for WordPress include role settings, Ajax based thumbnail generator, sortable albums, upload via zip-file, JavaScript, CSS stylesheet, sidebar widget, and numerous others.

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   3. All-in-One SEO

All-in-One SEO optimizes WordPress blogs for search engines and is the only plug-in that provides SEO integration for WordPress e-Commerce sites. This plug-in also fine-tunes page navigational links, automatically optimizes titles for search engines, provides nonce security, and has so many other great features.

  4. Really Simple Share

Really Simple Share shows Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and other popular share buttons above or below your posts. Its purpose is to simplify post sharing on social networks; it enables you to share on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. It looks good, includes counters, and allows you to add all the main social share buttons through one plugin.

 5. Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools is a plug-in that acts as an intermediary between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account. Its help you import tweets into your blog and create new tweets on your blog posts using WordPress.

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