About Surojit

About Surojit Dutta

Surojit Dutta is the Founder of Surojitdutta.com and Topupdates.net Blog.

Surojitdutta.com is a WordPress blog where I try to explore blogging A to Z guide. For Example how to  create a WordPress Blog online step by step, How to write a good and unique article,How to choose good hosting, how to to SEO for your website, WordPress Themes guide , WordPress Plugins details and more.

Topupdates.net is a WordPress blog where I try to write different method by which you can earn money from your blog and other different way online.  All method are real you have to try for yourself. Basically all are free there are no need to invest money. So, find and try how to make money online.

About Surojit Dutta

I am a part-time blogger. I Started Blogging From 2012. Actually Blogging is my hobby, I like to share my knowledge among people (Though I have a small knowledge) who love blogging and want to it. I visit many websites regularly and Collect knowledge like to review on the different products.

I Continuously Keep Upgrading My Skills So That I Can Benefit Businesses And Websites Around The Globe.