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7 Emotions Key That Make Customers Buy From You

Maybe you are a shop owner or you are a blogger. If you sell something it may be online or offline, you have to know your customers. one more thing you have to know “why people buy products from you? “. The buying behavior of customers has connected to their emotions. People buy with their emotions and then justify that decision with logic. Your website and online sales pages need to use the right words to stir up emotion in your readers. So that they can buy a product from you.

7 Key Emotions That Make Customers

There are 7 key types of emotional factors that make customers buy products and services. Once you understand these emotions and then relate to your products and services in a way that makes your prospects feel those emotions, it will get them to take action. That’s it. In this post is about 7 key of emotions.


Evoking fear gets results. There are a number of ways to stimulate feelings of fear. One of them is fear of missing out. Place emphasis on the risk of not buying your offer. For instance, the price is going to increase, or you’re only making it possible for 10 customers to buy the product or service.

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It might seem odd to want your potential customers to be angry. But, you can stimulate anger in your sales duplicate by making them angry about what is happening to them with regards to their problem. You can then focus the anger they feel toward the situation to drive them to buy your solutions. In this way, you can convince 20% of your customer to buy products.


Generally, this is reserved for political ads. Using contempt in your descriptions and marketing can cause some controversy. But, sometimes controversy can be a popular element that gets people talking.


When you sell joy, you’ll want to focus on the benefits of your products as much as you can. Focus on not only the product’s benefits now but also on the joy your buyer will feel later.

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You want your audience to feel disgusted about the problem and not the solution. You can guide them toward your solution and the information you provide to lift the disgust and make a big difference in their lives.


You can use sadness in several ways. For example, this is used with fundraising for pets. They show you pictures of a lot of sad pets and then, of course, you have to get out your credit card to help those animals. You can use sadness by showing the sadness of people before they bought your product or used your service.


It’s challenging to use surprise in copy-writing but surprise can get the attention of your audience, which will help keep them engaged. One way to surprise people is to deliver more on what you promised. By doing this, they’ll recommend you to others because it was something that they were not expecting.

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